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Proctor Technologies takes it's name from it's founder, Jerome E. Proctor. Our World Headquarters is located in the United States of America.   Proctor Technologies has a long storied history of establishing and blazing a trail of  success for all people.

Our company is igniting the future by providing American Leadership ingenuity.  Our experienced project advisers will help you in interpreting and translating your needs and developing people skills and other resources by providing real  opportunities, protecting people, and achieving success and excellence.

Proctor Technologies We provide innovative processes and tools that help you transform your business from an "artificial surface" to a real one.

Proctor Technologies experienced project consultants will help guide your business in the correct direction. 

We are igniting the future by providing American leadership in creating entrepreneurship business marketing  employment, and economic opportunities while achieving success and excellence.  This includes  products & services and improving your shareholders and the people’s standard of living where your business operates.


Jerome E. Proctor, MBA 


Phone: (605) 369-2018 or (425) 530-3186





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